About Socialgully

Socialgully is a perfect blend of social media and blogging platform, what we call Stories. It gives you the chance to awaken the blogger in you and use our platform and explore the new templates that we have curated just so that you get what you desire.
Love socializing but not writing? Never mind, we have something for everyone. Use our social platform to interact with famous bloggers and friends or make new friends! Not comfortable in keeping your views amongst everyone? Our 'anonymous message' feature comes to your rescue.
Socialgully is a unique idea, to make social networking more expressive, by giving in more expressions, exclusive features like anonymous messaging, control on type of Socialgully personal account. Socialgully also gives bloggers, an opportunity, to give their STORIES, new and attractive shape by using our new attractive, easy to use, templates. The Stories’ audience can also be restricted by the creator by using our three modes, Public, Private and Protected.

 Our Journey

About The Team

Socialgully, started as a small idea in 2015, with extensive planning, hard work, changes and implementations today a reality.
Meet Akash, a football freak, passionate food blogger, right now working as Software Engineer with a big MNC. Socialgully was an idea initiated by Akash, while he was juggling to fulfill his job commitments, he came up with the concept of Socialgully, worked double shifts to convert his dreams into a reality. For any complaints, suggestions: Catch him on: makkarakash@gmail.com
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